Donations help medical research

mariyam dawood

When it comes to research and especially research in the medical field, every country is striving hard to have more research fellowship given and more facilities given to the scientist in order to find medicines that will save millions of people from various diseases. Apart from government facilities there are private institutions which also do the research. But one problem they may face is the funding for the research as these are not short term projects and need lots of special devices and they are pretty costly. They need funding and donations from the good hearted people.

Generous donation helps

Mariyam Dawood, is one such person who helps the center for Innovation in medical education or CIME in Pakistan with her generous donations. CIME is located in Aga Khan University and this funding helped their students to learn the medical skills with the state of art infrastructure facilities. They have separate building named after her. Mariyam Dawood has supported many institutions with the funding not only in Pakistan but around the world. They are one of the biggest supporters of education in Pakistan and they provide lots of funding in the healthcare solutions and want to develop a sustainable healthy environment.

mariyam dawood

Because of people like Mariyam only, education and research is thriving across the globe. Government can’t fund all the research and education. We need private people who are rich and ready to support the need one for funding. Without them, lots of people across the globe will be illiterate and won’t get higher education.