Traffic generation with articles How to direct it

Report Marketing Enables traffic to be driven by me I want it to go with each and every report. There’s so much traffic coming in today from of my posts I could quit generating articles and the visitors would keep flowing in. But I am not going to because I enjoy the traffic stop. And having the ability to leverage my posts where I want it to go is a benefit. I want more Traffic and all the advantages that come with it more prospects, more publicity, more gain then I create additional posts. As that it is as simple, and strong. So I select on a specific Topic to make an article. Since you are then targeting, the more specific you are the better. Topics are not strong enough to pull in the sort of traffic you want.

I take for a minimum Of 400 words per post. Here are the 4 specific criteria I aim for in each article:

  • Make sure it is good to represent me well. Perfectionism simply slows me down
  • Deliver at least 1 nugget.
  • Helps prospects to Trust me, like and know, and my tools, services, and training.
  • Leaves Prospects needing information and wanting it.

This will allow your Prospects to flow and into your call to action, what’s known as a box in posts. What you do not and say to action on your resource box in your call is vital for profits and visitors. Mess this up and you’ve wasted your time. Here are some dos and donors. Do not make it all. This is not the time. That is exactly what the article body is for. Do not leave your prospect hanging. They wish to know what to do. Tell them and show them. Do make sure your article flows to action. Create an easy and smooth transition into the call to action from the article. Do provide your direct traffic GA prospect something associated with one of your tools in exchange for their email address and related to your post.


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